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LENPURE works with SINOPEC and provides UV Aging Test Chamb


         Recently Shanghai Linpin signed a contract with SINOPEC Shanghai branch to provide UV aging test chamber LRHS-NZY.

  SINOPEC Shanghai is a holding subsidiary of SINOPEC group. It is located in Jin Shan District, Shanghai and has a total area of 9.4 square kilo meters, which is one of the current largest oil refining and chemical in China. It is also an important base for developing China’s modern petrochemical engineering.

  UV aging test chamber is a specialized test machine for inspecting and verifying anti sunlight and artificial light aging abilities of non-metallic material, especially polymer materials. It is a must-have apparatus for performing weathering test.

  The UV aging test chamber manufactured by Shanghai Linpin can efficiently simulate 290nm~400nm UV radiation which products could be exposed to in natural environment. Besides that, Shanghai Linpin’s UV test chamber can simulate a serial facts which cause material physical properties changing, such as temperature, humidity and raining.